WPB Fun Day 2016

Fun Day

31st July 2016

Winnington Park Bowmen held a Club Fun Day on 31st July and luckily for all the archers and their families who attended the previous week’s run of wet and cool weather retreated to give us a warm and sunny afternoon.
Most of the club committee members attended and there was a good turn out of members including senior, junior and some who are recent graduates of the Beginner Courses. Picnics were unpacked and burgers were cooked on the BBQ to sustain us all for an afternoon of competition, but competition strictly for fun and a little astray of the usual scoring rules.
The names of senior archers went into one jar and female, novice or juniors went into the second jar to ensure fair pairing up. There were some interesting pairings that got people chatting and getting to know each other, which is what we hoped to achieve.
First up was six ends of six arrows with Lucky Dip scoring at 40 yards distance. The first round was scored as normal but then each round after our Chairman Peter Gilmore dipped in the bowl and pulled out a random card. Cue the next rounds involved ignoring your highest scoring arrow and taking a number of points off any score over 25 – this caused those with a few golds to sigh and realise they might end up with a zero score. Personally, I’d been aiming for an array of colours across the target as you never knew what scoring system would come up next. Best to cover all eventualities!
After a short break the fun resumed with archery Pontoon. The aim to get 21 but no more on playing cards stuck face down on the target. This proved to be quite a tricky task but everyone was really up for the challenge and enjoying it with discussion going on between pairs about where to aim and how many arrows to shoot. Those who were luckily enough to hit a card which had a cross on the reverse also won a spot prize of chocolates.
All in all it was a great day where club members got to meet each other and new faces could be welcomed into the friendly atmosphere of WPB. It is hoped we will run this again next year.
As with all competitions there were winners:
Lucky Dip Round
1st – The Compounders (Stuart Dunnett & Josh Quinn)
2nd – The Arrow Sharks (John Wesley & Ange Sherwin)
3rd – Titanic (Mark Phipps & Nicki Holt)
The Compounders also scored the most golds with a massive 22 haul who were awarded a 3000 year old BC arrow heads kindly mounted by Colin Mann.
The Pontoon Round
This was won by Peter Sayers and Nathaniel Westwell.
The Booby prize went to ‘The Hopefuls’ consisting of Peter Gilmore and Simon Holt (and to be fair to Simon he’d never shot at 40 yards before so talk about being thrown in at the deep end!)
Entry was via a donated raffle prize and tickets were sold at £1.00 per strip (ably assisted by the sale of cakes by Ann Oliver). We raised a grand total of 110.50 to be donated to the British Heart Foundation in memory of our former Treasurer David Ainsbury.
Members seemed to really enjoy the day and lots of comments were made about looking forward to the next one.
Thanks should go to Julia Phipps, Olly Braithwaite & Mike Riley for organising the event. Looking forward to it next year.